Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Using Pegasus Digital Pen as a pointer in Microsoft Power Point Presentation

Pegasus digital Pen can be used as a pointer during presentation. To do so you will need:
  • Pegasus M210/P230
  • Microsoft Vista/XP
  • Office 2003/2007
Using M210/P230 on Windows Vista requires no other software installation. Using Windows XP requires installation of the Pegasus NoteTaker to enable Mouse mode functionality. Power Point pointer in Vista using M210/P230:
  1. First, make sure the base unit is connected to your PC
  2. Now, run your presentation in a ‘Slide show’ mode by pressing the 'Slide Show' button (Or F5). Using your pen, you can hover on top of your slide
  3. Right clicking with the Pen on the slide (Long press with the Pen on the paper) will show the slide context menu
  4. Using your pen, Select the ‘Pointer Options’, then select any desired Pen type of the list
  5. Using your Pen, You can now jot on top of your slide
Note: In Windows XP, install the Note Taker application, move to ‘Mouse Mode’ and use the steps above.

Another way to sketch during presentation, is to use the NoteTaker yellow page (Popup)
(NoteTaker must be installed and running)

  1. Make sure your Pen is in ‘Pen Mode’
  2. During presentation, if you want to write something on screen, simply use you Pen to write on paper. The yellow page will popup showing your sketches.
  3. To go back to your presentation, simply switch to ‘Pen Mode’ (Using the virtual button or key on top of the base unit) and tap your Power Point slide